The God Helmet Movie – Where Science Heals the Spirit

The God Helmet Movie – Where Science Heals the Spirit

A divorced psychiatrist who has lost her only child finds a means to reconcile with God and love again. Still numb from grief, she stumbles upon mind-expanding new technology which threatens to destroy her career even as it helps her patients and heals her own broken heart.

The original story and screenplay build upon neuromagenetic stimulation, an emerging  psychiatric treatment for depression and other conditions.  In laboratory experiments, some people have had profound spiritual experiences with the technology. While the brain’s role in mental health is readily acknowledged, the brain’s role in the spiritual experience is mostly ignored. The movie proposes a thesis:  the spiritual experience is a neurological experience.  The movie injects neuroscience into a compelling, provocative, and uplifting story for all.



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May 24, 2016