axis_mundi1In this era of multimedia entertainment catering to the lowest common denominator, Brightguy Films seeks to blaze a new path of intelligent and uplifting storytelling. Stories told and retold are woven into the fabric that binds society together. Quite literally, we become the stories that we tell each other and ourselves. Therefore it is crucial to tell stories that elevate and inspire us to live honorable and joyful lives. Without these stories, society spirals downward into a pathetic imitation of Reality TV.

Unfortunately, Hollywood cares more about money than message. Violent television, movies, and video games have desensitized viewers. Explicit sexual content and sexist images dehumanize women and make both men and women feel inadequate. Hollywood promotes insecurity and superficiality, and in partnership with Madison Avenue conditions people to buy and consume products that falsely promise love and happiness. It’s a vicious cycle of deceive and thieve.

Quality independent free-thinking programming is rare. Christian programming has grown in popularity as an alternative to the dubious morality of modern entertainment. The Christian message may resonate with some, but it usually turns off those who do find flaw in organized religion or do not believe in the divine origin of the Bible.

Brightguy Films introduces a fresh vision which embraces both science and spirituality. We seek to stimulate both intellect and compassion. Our stories reconcile evidence-based reasoning and spiritual awe. There is no incongruity.

We seek partners with a similar vision to create content that entertains, educates, and stimulates conversation. If you have something to contribute, please contact us.